Baby Car Travel Set


Snuggle Baby – Car Travel Set with Mirror, 2 Sunshades & “Baby on Board” Sign

The Baby Car Travel Set is the perfect solution for keeping your baby safe and comfortable during car journeys. This set includes a back seat mirror, 2x mesh sunshades, and a ‘Baby on Board’ sign to ensure a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience for both you and your little one.

Back Seat Mirror:

Size: 24.5×17.5 cm

The convex mirror provides a 360-degree view of your baby, allowing you to keep an eye on them without having to turn around. The size of the mirror ensures that you can see your baby clearly, giving you peace of mind as you drive.

Mesh Sunshades:

Self-sticking with UPF 30+

These sunshades are designed to protect your baby from harmful UV rays while allowing fresh air to circulate through the mesh material. With their self-sticking feature, they are easy to install and can be adjusted to fit any car window, providing shade and comfort for your little one.

‘Baby on Board’ Sign:

Size: 15×15 cm

This sign is equipped with a suction cup for easy attachment to your car window. Not only does it serve as a safety reminder for other drivers, but it also adds a touch of cuteness to your vehicle!


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