Hauck Face to Me Bedside Crib in Beige


  • Bedside cot with anti-reflux position that helps ease baby to a better sleep when suffering from either a cold, or reflux.
  • Good air circulation
  • Flexible height-adjustment
  • Ideal for box-spring beds
  • Lowerable side part
  • Tilt-resistant frame
  • Flat folding
  • Thanks to the height being adjustable in 5 positions, the Face to Me is easy to adapt to your bed, no matter if it is a low bed or a high divan bed.
  • In this cuddly co-sleeper, your baby will feel safe and sound from the very beginning. Thanks to the breathable mattress, soft plush border and mesh window, the cot offers the highest level of comfort to your little one.
  • n this bedside crib, baby will benefit from being right beside you, which helps baby to feel comforted by your scent and the relaxed sound of your breathing improves babies sleep.
  • When you don’t need the bedside crib or if you want to transport it to grandma and grandpa, you can easily fold it flat and store it away.
  • During the day, you can use the Face to Me 2 as a bassinet by closing the side part. Thanks to the mesh fabric, your baby can see you and profit from good air circulation at the same time. In addition, comfortable materials, a breathable mattress and the soft plush border make your little one feel safe at all times.

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